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Volunteer Lawyers Program Testimonials



"Reflecting one of the long-standing traditions of our profession, Bryan Cave's core values include a commitment to making a difference in our communities and society. We have a special obligation to make our professional skills and assistance available to those who cannot afford to pay for legal services, and our dedication to providing excellent service extends to all of our clients, including those we represent on a pro bono basis. Our lawyers and staff contribute those things we have in abundance – legal expertise, passion and a deep desire to help meet the needs of underserved people."

Don Lents, Chairman, Bryan Cave



"Being involved in the VLP brings a lot of meaning to the practice of law. The time commitment is minimal, but the results are huge and incredibly rewarding. The clients are grateful and you get to experience truly being an advocate."

Sarah Hellmann, Associate, Husch Blackwell LLP



  “The clients at LSEM are often facing the loss of their home or need protection from an abusive former partner. Their needs are immediate. Volunteering with LSEM allows me to be part of its mission and to help those who have nowhere else to turn in their time of need.”

Chuck Adamson, Associate, Thompson Coburn LLP


“Initially I began volunteering with LSEM to gain relevant experience in my practice area. I continue to be a volunteer attorney because I see the profound impact that I can have on families and individuals which otherwise would not have access to legal counsel. The work I do with legal services clients remind me of why I became an attorney in the first place and make me feel truly part of the community.”

Misty Watson, Principal, Danna McKitrick, PC


 “As an attorney, I realize that it is my ethical responsibility to serve those less fortunate by providing pro-bono legal services. But that’s not really why I do it. I do it because I love people, I love the law, and it’s simply just the right thing to do.”

Debbie S. Champion, Partner, Rynearson Suess Schnurbusch & Champion, LLC


“The biggest difference between fee paying work and pro bono is that I do the former because I have to in order to make a living. I do the latter because it’s my choice to use my skills to make a real difference in someone’s life. Looking back on almost four decades of practice, I suspect I might have burned out years ago but for the challenges and rewards that doing pro bono work brought to my law practice.”

Stuart Berkowitz, Principal, Law Offices of Stuart Berkowitz, LLC


Shortly after obtaining my law license (too) many years ago, I started accepting cases through the Volunteer Lawyers Program.  I enjoy helping people sort out their problems and the VLP makes it super easy to accept cases and to get working on them with very little hassle.  Many attorneys assist VLP, but there is always a need for more help.  If you are on the fence about this important volunteer opportunity, take a chance and get involved.

Jim Hacking, Principal, Hacking Law Practice, LLC



 The Volunteer Lawyer Program has given me an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate my abilities as a litigator while giving back to a community that is in dire need of legal services.  As a young attorney, I have learned so much about developing trial strategies, interacting with opposing counsel, appearing before judges and counseling clients through important and challenging pro bono matters, which has enhanced my skills and confidence in my regular practice. It’s a wonderful program with a praiseworthy cause.

Laura J. Spencer, Associate, Bryan Cave LLP



LSEM’s Volunteer Lawyers Program has been a unique opportunity that allows me to utilize my skills to help indigent citizens who cannot afford the legal services that are required to resolve civil disputes in our court system.  This program has been invaluable to my short career by honing legal skills, such as client counseling, trial advocacy, and negotiation, all while giving back to the community.”  

Ryan C. Turnage, Associate, Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion, L.L.C.